Something Like Process

Oversimplified, it goes like this:

Return to Anne Carson's 'Short Talk on Shelter' --> fish heart diagram --> etymology of ventricle, of atrium --> memory of moment --> vicious pruning of moment --> fictionalizing moment --> braiding, drafting, editing --> braiding, drafting, editing --> send to Eric --> cut, cut, cut, reposition, reformat, retitle --> poem?

And running under this whole rickety hull is a benthic depth of struggle.

Notes and a fish heart diagram drawn with a shaky hand.

I'll leave you with Anne Carson & one of the prettiest passages I've ever come across. Will you let me know if you like it? You know how it can get lonesome being alone with something beautiful?

'Short Talk on Shelter'

You can write on a wall with a fish heart, it’s because of the phosphorous. They eat it. There are shacks like that down along the river. I am writing this to be as a wrong as possible to you. Replace the door when you leave, it says. Now you tell me how wrong that is, how long it glows. Tell me.