"A Box of Winter" is now live at Flash Fiction Online!

My odd, little flash story, "A Box of Winter," about Robert Redford is up at Flash Fiction Online! I worked hard on it and would love nothing more than for you to stop by and hang out with Bob and me for a bit--we're all cozied up together, like I always dreamed. In all seriousness, the story, written long before the election, feels more significant to me now than ever. The first few lines are below, but you can read the whole (quick) affair by clicking here.

Robert Redford (world without end)

Robert Redford (world without end)

"I was watching a documentary about Robert Redford when Robert Redford walked in. He was still dusted over with snow from skiing. In my paint ­covered jeans and beanie, Is howed him around the house. He lifted things gently and asked questions. I answered carefully. ‘Over there is a music box I’ve had since I was a baby.’ He wound the little box, and it played a warbly tune. ‘Here is a stone from the Great Kei River in South Africa.’ He held the stone . . ."

With great thanks, too, to editor Suzanne Vincent, for whose wise edits I am incredibly grateful.

New poems in Four Way Review! Feeling tired? You can just listen while I read them to you!

mamie and me blue post.JPG

By some sweet coincidence, Mamie and I are in the same issue of Four Way Review! Come visit us!

You can read/listen to my two poems "Letter in Exchange For" and "Apology to the Narrow Moment" here and to Mamie's "Letter to Yasha in my Third Period AP Lang Class Morning after that Girl She Likes Blocked Her on Instagram" here.

I'm insanely happy to be in her mad-skilled company. And with deep thanks to poetry editor Ross White and the whole team at Four Way--this is a gorgeous issue all around!

A tiny essay for your Monday--won't you read it, and keep me company?

my mother, rowing the laundry ashore (circa 1984)

Three years ago, I published a very brief, lyric piece of nonfiction in Waccamaw, and I thought maybe you'd like to keep it from getting lonely out there? It's called "Glass House: The First Moment of Her Leaving," and it's about my mother first meeting (or seeing) my father. You can read it here. With thanks to the lovely Cara Blue Adams for working with me on it.

Made Ben Steelman's "Bookmarks" in the Star News!

Thanks to the wonderful Ben Steelman at the Star News for this mention of my essay, "Between Dog and Wolf: Essay as Ideolocator" and its notable status in Best American Essays! The column also features a link to a recently published poem, "In the Painter's House" (dedicated to Sullivan Anlyan), in the inaugural issue of the University of Miami's journal, Sinking City!