New poems in Four Way Review! Feeling tired? You can just listen while I read them to you!

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By some sweet coincidence, Mamie and I are in the same issue of Four Way Review! Come visit us!

You can read/listen to my two poems "Letter in Exchange For" and "Apology to the Narrow Moment" here and to Mamie's "Letter to Yasha in my Third Period AP Lang Class Morning after that Girl She Likes Blocked Her on Instagram" here.

I'm insanely happy to be in her mad-skilled company. And with deep thanks to poetry editor Ross White and the whole team at Four Way--this is a gorgeous issue all around!

It's hurricane-ing, but I have poems coming out in Four Way Review, and I'm in the issue with Mamie Morgan!

with writer Mamie Morgan in 2014.

I have two poems, "Apology to the Narrow Moment" & "Letter in Exchange For," coming out in the next issue of the beautiful Four Way Review! And the loveliest bit is that my poems will be alongside those of my friend for twelve years, Mamie Morgan.

Poems forthcoming in the Olive Press!!

Awaiting the Time for Carrying Out Her Plans on a Large Scale. Pen, ink, and oil on canvas.

Odyssey. Acrylic, ink, and pencil on wood panel.

Two poems, one dedicated to artist Sullivan Anlyan and one dedicated to, and written after the art of, Severn Eaton, are forthcoming from the Olive Press!

"Sully Writes Haikus" considers, in part, the relationship between memory, desire, and language. Its origins lie in a conversation with Sully about haiku battles.

Fathom. Acrylic, ink, pencil on wood panel. Hanging here in the Refinery Gallery in Asheville, NC alongside the poem written after it.

"Letter to Severn No. 1" is written after Sev's painting, Fathom, and concerns itself with bliss and transcendence.