Contributor copies, and a launch date!

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27 Views of Wilmington: The Port City in Prose & Poetry came in the post the other day, along with news of our slam-style, 1 paragraph-each reading and launch at Pomegranate Books in Wilmington, NC on October 24th at 2pm! With deep thanks to Eno Publishers and Elizabeth Woodman for including me.



Here's the star-studded list of local writers in this anthology:

  • John Jeremiah Sullivan
  • Wendy Brenner
  • Dana Sachs
  • Jason Frye
  • Karen E. Bender
  • Daniel Norris
  • Jean Jones
  • James Leutze
  • Emily A. Colin
  • Emily Louise Smith
  • Michael White
  • Bertha Boykin Todd
  • Robert Anthony Siegel
  • Virginia Holman
  • Ashley Wahl
  • Kevin Maurer
  • Jason Mott
  • Rhonda Bellamy
  • Wiley Cash
  • Melodie Homer
  • Gwenyfar
  • Susan T. Block
  • Philip Gerard
  • Marlon Moore
  • Nan Graham
  • Sheila Webster Boneham
  • Celia Rivenbark
  • Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams